NI Combustion Analysis System Software (formerly DCAT and µDCAT):


The National Instruments Combustions Analysis System (NI-CAS) Software is a unique LabVIEW plug-in for performing sophisticated in-cylinder combustion analysis and logging for engine research and development targeted to a wide variety NI Hardware. When licensed as a toolkit it can be used to develop sophisticated PXI-based combustion analysis applications with real-time feed back control capabilities. Licensed as a executable it can be deployed to portable, low-cost cDAQ hardware.

NI-CAS Software allows streaming of raw data to file continuously, by cycle count, time, or file size. Raw data files are stored in National Instrument’s popular TDMS format and include all channel configurations, engine geometry and custom test data to allow complete reconstruction of the test environment at a later date. Cycle-by-cycle summaries of analysis parameters can also be logged to TDMS files for later review. The TDMS file format is an open format allowing these files to be post-processed with a variety of tools, including the NI-CAS Software Post-Processing tools or Microsoft Excel™.

License Versions

Development License

The Development License of NI-CAS Software enables a LabVIEW toolkit for users to integrate sophisticated combustion analysis and logging with engine control applications. The toolkit includes many analysis functions, front panel controls and utilities including data-streaming-to-disk, pre-processing, heat release, pressure metrics, knock analysis, noise analysis, raw data logging, summary data reporting and post-processing.

The NI-CAS Software for Development leverages R-Series (FPGA), S-Series (simultaneous analog sampling) and M-Series (Multiplexed analog sampling) PXI cards from National Instruments to supervise engine position tracking and synchronization of data collection and processing. SCXI hardware can be leveraged for low-speed data collection and aligned with engine-synchronous data. This software can be targeted to a wide variety of PXI RT controllers depending on the application performance requirements.

The NI-CAS Software for Development example application may be used stand-alone or integrated with an engine control application.

Deployment License

The Deployment License enables deployment to low-cost, easy-to-use, portable engine combustion analysis hardware bundles. NI-CAS Software for Deployment is a pre-built LabVIEW executable for Microsoft Windows™, targeting cDAQ hardware over USB and Ethernet, or Stand-Alone cDAQ chassis. Over fifty NI c-Series I/O modules can be added to any available slot of an NI cDAQ chassis to meet a variety of application needs.

NI-CAS Software for Deployment supports three time-bases: high-speed engine-synchronous, high-speed angular-window time domain and medium-speed time domain. The Deployment License includes all of the analysis functions included in the NI-CAS Software for Development toolkit except for Next-Cycle control and FPGA-based Engine Position Tracking (EPT) functions. Engine-synchonous data sampling must take place using optical shaft encoders mounted to the crankshaft.

Features By License Type

Interim Release Notes

National Instruments is continuing to fully integrate the products and services of Drivven, Inc. into the National Instruments products and services offerings. This integration process includes converting former Drivven software products to National Instruments naming conventions, as well as installer package and licensing methods. This latest official release of the Drivven Combustion Analysis Toolkit (DCAT) Version 3 is intended to bridge the gap between former versions of DCAT and the upcoming new release of the NI Combustion Analysis System (NI-CAS) Software currently scheduled for early 2014. This interim release retains all features and licensing methods in previous beta versions of DCAT 3, while adding new features and bug fixes. Any purchases of this interim release will be fully supported after release of the NI-CAS Software and can be upgraded to the future NI-CAS Software as long as a Standard Support Program (SSP) is maintained.

Please note: Some areas of this interim release software still use the name "DCAT" (Windows Start Menu folders, Licensor utility, etc). However, the user manual is also in a process revision and refers to "NI-CAS Software." When referring to the documentation, the use of 'NI-CAS Software for Development' should be understood as the fully licensed version of DCAT used as a development toolkit. The use of 'NI-CAS Software for Deployment' should be understood as the uDCAT executable for use with cDAQ hardware.


Required Software:
1. DAQmx 9.6
2. LabVIEW Run-Time 2012 64-bit (32-bit)
3. CalVIEW 3.120
4. NI-CAS Software (For both developoment and deployment license versions)

Installation and Activation Instructions

NI-CAS Software Manual (PDF Version)